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Detox Package
Product # [P300]
With New Life’s disintoxication program, you will have a wide selection of 30 plant combinations with Formula 1 and Formula 2. These unique formulas have been carefully mixed to provide the perfect balance for the maintenance and purity of the most important organs. A proper disintoxication will help improve circulation, lower the blood sugar, increase coagulation which helps eliminate toxins in the skin, promote regeneration at the cellular level, and bring the body to its optimal functionality. Our bodies intoxicate themselves every day, and for that reason New Life has created this combination of formulas with the exact ingredients and dosages for you to enjoy their benefits each and every day. Consult your doctor to find which would be the appropriate dosage for you. Package includes: New Life Formula 1 and Eliminator Formula 2.
$ 85.50
New Life 2014